Devondale Brand Logo 

Devondale is the only dairy brand sold in Australia that spans the key dairy categories of milk, spreads and cheese.

Devondale has been meeting the needs of Australian families for decades. As needs have evolved, Devondale has innovated to produce a range of products that span across milk, butter, spreads and cheese.

To revitalise our presence in the Australian retail market and to prepare for increased international sales, the Devondale brand was redesigned and relaunched in 2012 with great success. As a result, Australian consumers are becoming more aware of the fact that when they buy a Devondale dairy product, they are not only getting great quality and value, they are also directly supporting the Australian farming families that provided the milk.

Devondale is best known for long-life milk which has long been a pantry staple in Australia, ensuring household milk supplies never run out. A consistent market leader, Devondale long-life milk is fresh, pure and natural Australian UHT milk. 

At Devondale, we love dairy and we aim to be Australia's first choice when it comes to dairy foods. All Devondale branded products are proudly made from the cream of Australia's farming community.

Devondale around the world

In international markets, Devondale provides consumers and customers with a range of safe, great tasting, innovative dairy products that meet their daily needs.