Corporate strategy

At Devondale Murray Goulburn, our vision is to be the ‘first choice dairy foods company’ for farmers, customers and consumers.

We are the primary partner of Australian dairy farmers, offering the strongest possible farmgate milk price and the best services.

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We are united by our passion for dairy foods. We love them.

Our growth and value creation strategy has two important focal points – operational excellence and innovation.

These focal points guide where we focus our efforts to drive improved performance and build value for the benefit of our stakeholders.

On the road to achieving our vision we will focus on two key areas:

• operational excellence – to upgrade our operating capability so that we can compete on a global scale; and

• innovation - to generate profitable, sustainable long-term growth.

In practice, operational excellence ensures that MG is focused on reducing internal business costs through active cost and efficiency management. It has also led to significant investment in world-leading dairy food processing and automation technology to provide enhanced and more efficient processing capability and has improved MG’s flexibility to adapt to changing customer and consumer demand.

At MG, innovation is not only propelling our ongoing shift to value-added products in the key growth categories we are targeting – nutritional powders, consumer cheese and dairy beverages – but is also driving us to innovate to maximise opportunities in new markets, supply channels and food categories.

Innovation from new product development and packaging ideas to expanded distribution channels, is critical to ensuring we optimise our product mix and market reach. MG aspires to be the supplier of choice for consumers, retailers, food service sector and ingredients customers across Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

Our co-operative is 100 per cent controlled by Australian dairy farmers and Devondale Murray Goulburn’s key objective is to maximise farmgate returns and as a result, Devondale Murray Goulburn plays a vital role in driving higher milk prices.

Achieving our vision will help ensure that we can continue to lead the Australian dairy industry, drive improved performance and build value for the benefit of our stakeholders.