We have a reputation for quality and food safety which makes us a preferred supplier of dairy products on a global scale.

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Rigorous quality management systems and continuous improvement programs allow us to continually innovate and adapt to meet new and evolving demands from the marketplace.

We have adopted with the BRC Global Standard a worldwide recognised Foodsafety and Quality Standard to ensure we meet the expectations and requirements of customers around the world.

Our quality management system extends from the farm through to manufacturing, storage, distribution and customer delivery ensuring that our products meet or exceed both customer expectation and regulatory requirements.

We were the first Australian dairy company to initiate a fully audited Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) – based system at farm level.

This was introduced in 1999, with the launch of our dedicated on-farm quality improvement program under the banner of MG MilkCare.

Since its introduction we have continued to provide the best quality milk to produce the best quality products for our customers and consumers.

We continue to monitor all sections of the supply chain for new and emerging quality and food safety risks so that we can continue to ensure that our products are among the safest in the world.

Quality Policy